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Tuesday, 23 March 2010 17:05

Popular daytours:

The Golden Circle Tour is highly recommended for those who are visiting Iceland for the first time, to see the geyser and the place where the first parliament met more than thousand years ago. Also the waterfalls Gullfoss and Faxi as well as Skalholt that used to be the capital of Iceland for 740 years.




The south shore of Iceland is very spectacular area and landscape differs from one part to another. Here we have the opportunity to walk to the snout of a glacier, see the volcano that erupted last year. We drive to the village of Vik and Reynisdrangar and the caves - some-waterfalls, one hiding itself, another we’ll walk behind and the third breathtaking - through Selfoss (a town) and the small village of Eyrarbakki back to Reykjavik.


Reykjanes Peninsula. We see a lake that started leaking during the earthquakes in the year 2000 and which is the site of a crime novel by Arnaldur Indridason „The Lake“. Driving by this lake you may think you have come to the moon. The volcanic landscape cannot be described otherwise. Near the lake is a geothermal area which exploded in a period of earthquakes just after 2000, but is considered safe again for tourists.

Borgarfjordur through the Whalefjordur which is the longest fjord in the southern part of Iceland. We pass popular salmon rivers and see sites of the Sagas (The Icelandic legends written in the 11th-13th centuries). We drive through green valleys and lakes that were created during the iceage. One of our stops is by Reykholt which used to be owned by the scholar Snorri Sturluson who wrote many of the Sagas and kept the heritage of the Scandinavian countries alive. Then we drive to the most powerful hotspring in Europe and to the fascinating Lava-waterfalls cascading from underground into the lovely “ White River“.

Other suggestions:

An hour or two of walking between the various galleries in Reykjavik. After a nice walk, a rest in one of many cafés.


Another hour of walk, this time in Hafnarfjordur to look at abodes of the Hidden people, the fairies, the dwarfs and other inhabitants of Iceland.


Dog-sledding/snowmobiling! Once in a lifetime experience upon one of the glaciers.


A day of waterfalls. Some magnificent waterfalls will be in our route, also a museum which shows farms and equipment from previous centuries.


A day of small fishing villages along the south coast. Optional: lunch in a seafood restaurant by the waterfront in a small village.


Reykjavik and around the city. Ever seen the arctic tern play golf with humans? We will take a good look at the sculptures in the city and many other interesting things and the surrounding towns.


We travel to the spectacular Borgarfjordur where the most powerful geyser in Europe is located. We will also see unusual waterfalls which appear out of lava without any visible river feeding them.


The ‘boot’ of the country is thoroughly investigated with a dip into the Blue Lagoon, a handcraft shop is visited among other things.


We will investigate the ‘hand’ of the country, review some sagas, and see fantastic landscape everywhere.


The Golden Circle is a very interesting tour. Here, history is where ever you look, as well as geysers, waterfalls and glacial rivers.


Thingvellir, the powerplants in the National park's neighbourhood are worth taking a look at. From Thingvellir over to the Whalefjord and back to Reykjavik.


An evening or day in the Blue Lagoon. In the Middle of the ‘Evil’ lava is this amazing, relaxing lagoon with the blue color. This magic water makes your day perfect.


We can also arrange all kinds of tours, like horseback riding, whalewatching, a ride on an all terrain vehicle, snowmovile rides and birdwatching.


During winter tours to watch the Northern Lights are popular, we can go away from the city to make the Lights more spectacular.
A tour to powerplants can be arranged, electric stations and/or geothermal stations in one tour along with fantastic landscape is an option for technical-minded persons. Contact us for further information.

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